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Chin Implant (Genioplasty)

Chin Implant (Genioplasty)

A chin implant or genioplasty is considered to be a very dramatic and gratifying cosmetic procedure. Desired outcomes include a more balanced facial profile. This is achieved by altering and enhancing the size and shape of the chin. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately one hour.



A chin enhancement utilizes a synthetic implant placed over the jaw bone to correct a poorly developed or receding chin line. The implant itself is tailored to fit the patient’s facial form. The process begins with incisions being made under the chin or inside the mouth. When incisions are made inside of the mouth, no scarring is visible. Incisions made underneath the chin are small and also very hard to see. Through these incisions, skin is gently stretched and the implant is placed in front of the existing bone. Fine sutures are used to close the incision. In chin reduction surgery, incisions are made in the same way as enhancement surgery. The surgeon shaves and sculpts the bone to the desired look. Stitches or sutures are used to close the incision and a dressing is usually applied to the area.

Following the surgery, a liquid or soft food diet may be required for a few days. Afterwards the area will be tender and feel tight or stretched. Discomfort is common for a few days to a week, but can be controlled with prescribed medications. Swelling on the chin can take up to a month to completely subside.

Chin Implant FAQs

Common Benefits

Q: What are some of the most common benefits of this surgery?

A: Chin Augmentation may augment the jaw to correct problems with weak chins, sagging skin in the chin area, and improve the shape and balance of the face.

Natural Feeling

Q: Are chin implants safe, and will it feel natural?

A: All facial Implants have proven to exhibit a safe, predictable, low-risk cosmetic surgical procedure. The implants are designed specifically for use in the chin come in wide shapes and sizes. The implants are custom-trimmed by your surgeon for a more natural fit. Chin implants, when positioned and inserted skillfully, look and feel like normal bone. In most cases you cannot tell the difference.

Location Of Incisions

Q: Will there be any scarring? If so, where will the scars be located?

A: This depends on the incision choice by you and your doctor. If incisions are made intra-orally, no visible external scars will be present. If your surgeon places the implant through an incision under your chin, a very small scar will be present in a well-concealed region.

Painful Or Not

Q: Will Chin Surgery be painful?

A: The majority of patients do not consider chin surgery to be painful procedure. In augmentation, there is a period of 'tightness' associated with the increased volume from the chin implant. This 'tightness' is worst immediately following the surgery due to the body's normal swelling response. Prescribed pain medication will assist for a few days following the surgery.

Immediate Results

Q: How long before the results are visible?

A: The results are immediate, although you may think that the implant is too big at first glance. Give your mind time to recognize the difference between swelling and augmentation. The final result should be evident in a few months.

Recovery Period

Q: How quickly can I get back to an active lifestyle?

A: Most people are ready to resume a normal schedule after a few days. You will need to take care, however, to avoid any activity which might cause an impact to your face for three or four weeks. Activities requiring a helmet or chin-strap should be avoided.

Permanent Results

Q: How long does a chin implant last?

A: The silicone chin implants are made to last your lifetime, especially if the implants are the harder variety and screwed into place - the risk of shifting is minimal.

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