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Dental Procedures


Thailand Dental Clinic

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for dental work when you can have it done for a fraction of the price in Thailand? People now visit Thailand solely for taking advantage of the first-rate dental options. Our international patients are able to attain savings of up to 70% from the prices typically charged in the USA or Europe.


Routine dental work such as crowns and bridges are just the tip of the iceberg. Tooth whitening, diastema closure, and even tooth jewelry are just some of the ‘quick and easy’ cosmetic dental procedures. For those already with surgical plans for other area(s) of the body, why not come in for a full dental cleaning – It only costs $30!

Whether you require implants or a set of porcelain veneers, the full service dental centers available can fulfill your needs in a matter of days, not months. Combine all of this with an exotic vacation in the 'Land of Smiles' and you have got one great trip to the dentist!

* Dental laboratories are the backbone of dentists for rendering a good prosthesis to the patient. MMR only operates with facilities with their own in house dental laboratories. They can fabricate all of the crowns, bridges, dentures, implant supported restorations, night guards, and bleaching trays on site. Nothing has to be outsourced so there is no delay in treatment. All products are custom made to your special needs and produced quickly and efficiently.

These products are so exact, facilities such as the Bangkok Smile Dental Group ship their dental masterpieces to dental cinics worldwide.

Teeth Whitening

"Truly" Laser Tooth Whitening (promotion) 7,500 THB
"Truly" Laser Tooth Whitening + Home Bleaching (promotion)
8,500 THB
Home Bleaching + Opalescence 8 syringes 6,000 THB
Home Bleaching + Opalescence 4 syringes 4,000 THB
Ordinary Plasma/BLUE Light Whitening (1 visit) 8,000 THB
Ordinary Plasma/BLUE Light Whitening for 2 persons 15,000 THB

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneer by Empress Aesthetics System 9,000 THB
Porcelain Veneer (6 or more teeth)
8,000 THB
Composite Veneer/Dental Bonding 4,000 THB

Dental Implant

Single Tooth Dental Implant 30,000-40,000 THB
Immediate Dental Implant (1 visit implant)
40,000 THB
Porcelain Crown on Implant 25,000-30,000 THB
All-On-4 Implants (upper or lower jaw) 330-350,000 THB
Teeth-In-An-Hour (upper or lower jaw) 500-580,000 THB
Zygoma Implants 600,000 THB
4 Implants + 10 Porcelain Bridges 330-380,000 THB
6 Implants + 10 Porcelain Bridges 420-470,000 THB
2 Implants + Overdenture 150,000 THB
4 Implants + Overdenture 240-260,000 THB

Crown, Bridges, and Denture

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown 9,000-15,000 THB
All Ceramic Crown
13,000-15,000 THB
Dental Post and Core 3,500-5,000 THB
Acrylic Full Denture (upper or lower jaw) 12,000-15,000 THB
Metal Frame Partial Denture (tooth support) 8,000-12,000 THB
Plastic Frame Partial Denture (<7 teeth) 3,500-8,000 THB

Root Canal and Endodontics

Front Tooth (cost per tooth) 4,500-6,000 THB
Premolar Tooth (cost per tooth)
6,000-7,500 THB
Molar Tooth (cost per tooth) 10,000-14,000 THB

Tooth Colored Filling

1 Surface Filling (per tooth) 600-800 THB
2 Surface Filling (per tooth)
1,100-1,300 THB


Fixed Metal Braces 36,000-48,000 THB
Fixed Clear Braces
45,000-60,000 THB
Lingual/Invisible Orthodontics 110-130,000 THB
Invisalign Teeth Straightening 120-180,000 THB

Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction 4,500-6,000 THB
Surgical Removal or Impacted Wisdom Tooth
1,800-4,000 THB
Regular Teeth Cleaning 800-1,000 THB
Teeth Cleaning with Air-Flow System 1,000 THB

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective replacement for lost teeth. As anchors in the jawbone, dental implants form a stable foundation for permanent attachment of the crown. Grinding of adjacent teeth does not take place, and loss of bone tissue by atrophy is prevented. The general consensus of opinion is that implants carry a success rate of around 95%.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers or composite veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored, translucent porcelain or composite resin. Veneers are custom made to fit and over teeth and improve their color, shape and overall appearance. Placement of dental veneers can dramatically improve your smile and appearance.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown

Dental crowns are used to cap or completely cover a tooth. They are an effective treatment option for teeth that are badly damaged. Crowns are tooth-shaped coverings made of metal, ceramic, or porcelain used to improve appearance, restore strength, and eliminate discomfort. Additionally, dental crowns may be used to anchor a dental bridge or to cap a dental implant post.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

A bright beautiful smile can do more to enhance ones appearance than almost anything else. Over time the natural aging process and your lifestyle (smoking, drinking coffee, etc.) can stain your teeth. Having your teeth whitened can assist in getting your smile back looking its best. This can be achieved by one of two methods; tooth bleaching or laser whitening.

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