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Gastric banding is surgical weight loss treatment. It is also known as a laparoscopic stomach band operation, lap band surgery, laparoscopic gastric banding procedure, or minimal access bariatric banding operation for overweight management.



There are a few accepted surgical procedures for morbid obesity. One procedure that is presently favored by surgeons is the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RGB). This is one of the most commonly performed weight loss surgeries worldwide. 75% of individuals seeking surgical weight management choose the RGB method.



The Intragastric Balloon is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted through the mouth and placed into the stomach. The balloon is inflated with a sterile saline solution effectively 'filling' a portion of the stomach. This method allows for short term and rapid weight loss.


There is no secret about the amount of gender reassignment surgery that takes place in Thailand. Bangkok is the focal point on the world stage when it comes to Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). The surgeons operating in Thailand are well known for their expertise throughout the industry. Many have performed more SRS procedures (by large margins) than their counterparts from different countries. The facilities and physicians in Thailand are on the cutting edge with new techniques and the latest technology.

TGv1To be considered for sex reassignment surgery, transsexual people are normally required to receive psychological therapy and a diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in conformance with the Standards of Care (SOC) as issued by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. These standards have been criticized as being ineffective or too strict, discouraging legitimately transsexual individuals from seeking treatment. These are certainly not the only hurdles facing transgender people. The costs of the full spectrum of surgeries can be staggering. Some people spend years or even decades saving up enough money to pay for it.

Metamorphosis Medical Retreats can help.

In Thailand, even the costs of the full process involved in female to male surgery are manageable. Psychiatric evaluations are brief and uncomplicated allowing for a straightforward and unobstructed process.

Being focused specifically on aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries, we have an excellent knowledge base in gender reassignment surgery. In carrying out the most significant part of your life, call us first. MMR can guide you through the various steps to a safe, private, and affordable outcome.

Male to Female

This procedure, together with a real-life experience and hormone therapy, has proven to be effective treatment for transsexualism or severe Gender Identity Disorder. This is a combination of several surgeries, some of them irreversible, thus proper evaluation should be made by a qualified mental health practitioner.


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The Steps to Surgery in Thailand